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Hi friends & visitors,

My name is Carina and I am a public health professional hunting for inspiration and innovation. I love sound health promotion programs that are well designed, out-of-the-box, and abstain from inducing fear.

Public health is complex and I am convinced we cannot overcome the biggest health threats when we try to find solutions only in the medical and health field. I find the intersections of public health very inspiring and important in order to create healthy communities. I love to discuss with professionals across fields what they do that can increase the quality of life of people, including experts in the field of art, the built environment, entertainment-education, design, media, technology, politics… 

Things in my life that make me happy include my family, acting in an Improvisation Theater, enjoying community yoga, and writing for my blogs.

My little backstory:
I grew up at the farm of my grandma in a tiny village in South-Germany, which taught me many life skills, e.g. riding a tractor & making apple wine. My professional life started as a nurse and I worked for several years as head nurse at a neurological intermediate care station. I loved the exchange with patients, relatives and colleagues, but decided it would make me even happier if I could talk to people before they need medical care.

So, I quit my job, moved to Berlin and became a student of business communication management. I learned how to market healthy behaviors and finished my studies with a communication concept of a stroke prevention program integrated in an art exhibition.

I interned at a marketing agency in New York and worked on social event marketing. During that time, I realized that I don’t know much about developing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable health programs or how to create a message that is health-literate. I strived to learn more about the theories behind health behavior changes and graduated with a Master in Public Health, Health Promotion from Columbia University.

Love & Happiness,