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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me


Dental Caries in primary teeth is major health concern in the U.S. Up to 50% of children are affected of tooth decay before they turn 5. A condition that impacts not only oral health, but the general health status of a child, as well as his/her school performance. 

The Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me program by Sesame Workshop targets children, parents and providers with educational components, such as DVD’s, online games, videos, songs, guidelines, printable materials (e.g. Brushy Brush Chart, Super Teeth Certificate) and more. Key messages for children include: my teeth are important, I need to brush them twice a day, I may need help to take care of my teeth, and my teeth like healthy food. Key messages for parents include: primary teeth are important, I need to help my child to take care of his/her teeth, I take my child to dental check-ups.