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Turning a street in Bristol into a giant water slide : urban bricolage can bring lots of fun!

I like the way participants have a look of pleasure and fear in their eyes. they seem to slide in and out of control with their body and forces of gravity. personally, I found the little adrenalin rush you get at the end, quite addictive.’ Luke Jerram

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I am ready for some water summer fun time

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An Unexpected Choir with a Powerful Message

The audience at the São Paolo’s Museum of Art was waiting to listen to the famous São Paulo University choir. Instead, a choir of 12 laryngectomy patients went on stage and performed All You Need is Love by the Beatles using esophageal voice, prosthesis and electronic larynx. Most of the singers lost their voice due to larynx cancer, as a result of smoking.  At the end of the performance, they displayed the sign: LISTEN TO THIS CHOIR’S VOICE: DON’T SMOKE


Mamming Embraces the Awkwardness of Mammograms

Michelle Jaret and Michelle Lamont, a breast cancer survivor, created this hilarious video to raise awareness for breast cancer. Amongst others, actress Erin Daniels, who played in The L World a woman suffering of breast cancer, demonstrates mamming. The video encourages women to put their breast on random objects as well as on the mammogram machine. 

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