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Seniors from the United States teach English students from Brazil

A language school in Brazil wanted to provide their English students the opportunity communicating with native speakers, even though they could not afford traveling to another country. The plan was to connect the students via video calls with people from the United States.

Who could have been better for that, than somebody who is looking for company and excited to talk to a new friend. The language school reached out to a senior residency in California and the beauty of the project enfolded: students train their English skills, seniors mentor the students and both gain a valuable relationship in their life.

Tattoo’s as Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer is a real problem in Brazil with more cases than breast and prostate cancer combined. Unfortunately, many young people don’t see the risk and are not getting screened by a dermatologist. That’s when tattoo artists get into the picture. 

Tattoo artists are very close to the skin of their customers and a few hundred artists have been trained in the ABCD rule to discover skin cancer in their customers: Asymmetry, Border Irregularity, Color, and Diameter. Love this, literally, creative solution!

"Schizo" starts just like another scary blockbuster, but turns into a PSA with important message…

Glenn Close and some of her family members star in the video encouraging the public to break with stereotypes around mental illnesses. The actress is a Co-Founder of the non-profit organization Bring Change 2 Mind and inspires to discuss openly mental health issues and stop stigmatizing. 

Sexual Health Center meets Youth

Congratulations to the National Health Service in the UK who recognized the need creating an inviting sexual health center that helps young people to feel comfortable and welcomed. The design firm Urban Salon built this inviting space in London to encourage youth getting educated and accessing sexual health care, including a cafe, garden and penis shaped mobiles.

An Unexpected Choir with a Powerful Message

The audience at the São Paolo’s Museum of Art was waiting to listen to the famous São Paulo University choir. Instead, a choir of 12 laryngectomy patients went on stage and performed All You Need is Love by the Beatles using esophageal voice, prosthesis and electronic larynx. Most of the singers lost their voice due to larynx cancer, as a result of smoking.  At the end of the performance, they displayed the sign: LISTEN TO THIS CHOIR’S VOICE: DON’T SMOKE


Mamming Embraces the Awkwardness of Mammograms

Michelle Jaret and Michelle Lamont, a breast cancer survivor, created this hilarious video to raise awareness for breast cancer. Amongst others, actress Erin Daniels, who played in The L World a woman suffering of breast cancer, demonstrates mamming. The video encourages women to put their breast on random objects as well as on the mammogram machine. 

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