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Follow the Frog

I love the positive and humorous approach of the little film that demonstrates what differences we can all make in our day-by-day life in order to protect the rainforest without feeling to overwhelmed by the task. The educational messages are embedded in an entertaining story that features a character I can completely relate to. 

Thank you Brenda for bringing the video to my attention.

10x10 Presents Girl Rising (Official Trailer) from 10x10 on Vimeo.

One Girl with Courage is a Revolution…

I had the privilege to see one the most important, surprising and beautiful documentaries in a long time. Girl Rising tells the stories of nine girls in nine countries who fight for their rights and for change.

Go and host a screening or look out for a screening close to you. The film has the power to not only change the way how we think about girl empowerment, it can also change how we think about our own limitations (or what we believe are our limits).

What an amazing and emotional touching video about the consequences of habitual soda drinking. I loved to watch the journey of the polar bear family towards pouring the soda in the ocean, after suffering from the sugar-overdose consequences. I also have to admit I nearly screamed when the diabetic polar bear dad had his leg amputated by a polar bear doctor with a chain saw.

The video related website The Real Bears is a good and well designed resource for more facts on sugary drinks.


Public Health Video of the Day: Great campaign done by the Center for Science in the Public Interest about the health consequences of habitual soda drinking. I initially wondered why this commercial involves polar bears, but then I recalled that the old Coca Cola commercials used to showcase polar bears. How clever! Still can’t figure out whether or not Jason Mraz actually wrote the song specifically for this campaign. 

Free Entertainment-Education


I stumbled upon, a great health promotion resource I want to share with you. The Public Internet Channel features episodes (English/Spanish) around social issues, such as unemployment, diabetes, or teen pregnancy.

The channel provides additional material that comes with the entertainment-educational episodes / documentaries and includes amongst other things discussion guides, curriculums, and graphics that can be used by teachers or health care providers. 

One billion people never see a health worker their entire life…

The beautiful and heartwarming production raises awareness regarding the lack of health workers in communities most in need. The video also emphasizes factors that create an environment in which health workers are able to work and feel safe.



Cricket for HIV/AIDS Awareness & Community Mobilization

Cricket Without Boundaries links the sport to HIV/AIDS awareness and brings together African communities. The organization and local partners coach children and teach adults how to coach the sport. Key HIV/AIDS prevention messages are incorporated into coaching sessions and include: 

  • Abstain from engaging in sex
  • Be faithful to one’s partner
  • Condom use, which is correct and consistent
  • Testing to know one’s status

Communication Resource for Nonprofits

For nonprofits it is key to gain attention for their cause and possible donors for support. ListenIn Pictures is a New York based organization dedicated to create powerful videos & images for nonprofits. Goal is a communication product that tells the story of a nonprofit in such an cinematic way that viewers are motivated to act. 

We understand how to create videos that help non-profits raise money, engage supporters, launch campaigns and build movements. 

The website offers great free resources, such as a guide about how to avoid the biggest mistake of nonprofit video or how to create videos that inspire action. I can recommend to download a free e-book created by ListenIn Pictures and CauseVoxThe starter guide to nonprofit video storytelling

How To Survive A Plague

I am not going often to the movies, but I am very glad I went last night and saw How To Survive A Plague. The film gave me deep insights about the year-long fight of AIDS activists to push the development and distribution of effective treatment for HIV positive persons.

Thanks to the strong advocate community and the two coalitions ACT UP & TAG (Treatment Action Group) the diagnosis AIDS could be turned from a death sentence into a manageable condition. I am especially thankful that I received a chance to talk to ACT UP activists who where having a table in front of the cinema.

You can go online to locate a film screening near you.

The powerful video by Girl Effect which explains the relationships between poverty, education, women’s rights, family planning, and the risk of HIV.

Investments in girls such as more years in educational programs have a positive impact on girls, families and communities. The website of the organization provides besides other resources a fact sheet with stunning numbers:

  • the wage of a girl rises by 10 - 20% with an extra year in primary school
  • more education leads to a later marriage, fewer and healthier children
  • women spend 90% of their income for their family (men 30 - 40%)


We can do something. Let’s act now.

Spread awareness, not AIDS. 

I remember better when I paint

An international documentary by Eric Ellena and Berna Huebner about the positive impact of creative arts on patients with Alzheimers and other dementia disease.
The creative arts can activate brain areas that are not impacted by Alzheimer and provides a communication channel to reach people living with Alzheimers. Imagination is still intact even in severe cases and “the creative arts bypass the limitations and they simply go to the strengths"…

Little Films Teaser from little films on Vimeo.

Little Films: Creative Movies for Good :)

The team of little films creates beautiful movies for the good. Good is defined by little films as … looking out for others, thinking globally, being inventive, proactive, having a conscience, being conscious, smiling and doing more than you have to, even if in the end it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Following posts are examples of little film productions