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Free Public Health Resources

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) provides wonderful resources for professionals in the field of health education and health promotion. SOPHE promotes health behaviors, healthy communities, and healthy environments. 

Check out free webinars and presentation slidesplanning guidelines and toolkits to a variety of public health topics, and the possibility to apply for awards and scholarships


Modpod creative agency’s campaign about mental illness, sponsored by Positive Posters. This is ace and so true and mental illness can ruin so much and we need to start talking and doing and being there for people because the hurt it can cause is life ruining/changing but we can rebuild…

Also did I mention I think this is some real beautiful art guys! Loving it.

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I like the fun and innovative approach. Although I would like it better if the question on the cigarette continue? would be answered with no. Right now the question is answered with a highlighted Yes.


Brilliant health marketing. 

No Games For Smokers, Gaming Themed Cigarettes With A Life Meter (via laughingsquid)

Little Films Teaser from little films on Vimeo.

Little Films: Creative Movies for Good :)

The team of little films creates beautiful movies for the good. Good is defined by little films as … looking out for others, thinking globally, being inventive, proactive, having a conscience, being conscious, smiling and doing more than you have to, even if in the end it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Following posts are examples of little film productions