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An Unexpected Choir with a Powerful Message

The audience at the São Paolo’s Museum of Art was waiting to listen to the famous São Paulo University choir. Instead, a choir of 12 laryngectomy patients went on stage and performed All You Need is Love by the Beatles using esophageal voice, prosthesis and electronic larynx. Most of the singers lost their voice due to larynx cancer, as a result of smoking.  At the end of the performance, they displayed the sign: LISTEN TO THIS CHOIR’S VOICE: DON’T SMOKE


Mamming Embraces the Awkwardness of Mammograms

Michelle Jaret and Michelle Lamont, a breast cancer survivor, created this hilarious video to raise awareness for breast cancer. Amongst others, actress Erin Daniels, who played in The L World a woman suffering of breast cancer, demonstrates mamming. The video encourages women to put their breast on random objects as well as on the mammogram machine. 

Want to get involved? Instagram your #mamming

If advertising works to promote smoking, it also works to inhibit the health risky behavior… The anti-smoking campaign Tips From Former Smokersby the CDC aims to counter the expenditures for marketing and promotion of cigarettes in the United States. In 2010, the costs for smoking ad’s were as high as $900,000 an hour or over $22 million a day. 

Tips From Former Smokers was the first-ever paid national tobacco education campaign and features the stories and experience of former smokers who encourage current smokers to quit.  Key messages include health consequences for smokers, but also for nonsmokers and how the life of loved ones are affected, e.g. by a smoking parent. Today, CDC launches a new round of advertisements of the successful campaign, congrats!


I am really in between how I feel about that ad for Durex condoms…

Yes, it is funny to watch the sneaky ways of last-minute condom deliveries  to date scenes and I especially enjoyed the older tourist delivery boy that hit the condom in his city map.

… but, what are the underlying messages? Having a condom around when you go to a date is only men’s business? And, why is the women not allowed to know about the condom delivery? There are two options and I hope for the first: (1) The man feels embarrassed not having a condom around, or (2) The woman is not allowed to know that he plans on having sex. 

I would have enjoyed the ad much more if at least one order would have been sent out by a woman.